We want everyone we work with to begin rich, including our investors! That's why we've created a revenue share model so that you receive a return on your investment right away. When we make money, you make money. As we grow and succeed, so do you! 
  •  Join us in our quest to give entrepreneurs a fighting chance at succeeding.
  •  Receive a monthly share in revenue (we project you'll double your money in 5 years).
  •  Be recognized on our website and elsewhere as a founding investment partner.  
  •  Receive free lifetime membership into the Begin Rich community. 
  •  Share your wisdom with other successful people as part of our Mastermind group. 
  •  Take advantage of the opportunity to participate as a workshop host & pitch event judge. 
  •  Share your entrepreneurial passion with our clients, partners, and other investors. 
  •  "No one ever became poor by giving." Paying it forward to help entrepreneurs feels great!
How Does Everyone Associated With Us Begin Rich?
INVESTORS: They begin earning a return on their investment starting the first month that we start earning revenue. We project they'll more than double their money in five years, then they'll make a percentage of profits!

PARTNERS: They receive access to our client and additional partner leads immediately as well as coaching opportunities.

CLIENTS: Besides finding them equity partners (no debt), our current clients pool together to brainstorm with new clients, buy their products, and strive to provide them with partner, client, and investor referrals. 

FOUNDERS: We begin rich thanks to our generous investors, simple revenue-generating strategies, trusting clients, and faithful partners.
Our goal is to help everyone working with us to begin rich. 
Rich with revenue, organization, marketing tools, strategic partners, co-working spaces, and capital. 

We even want our investment partners to begin rich with revenue shares and quick returns on investments in us and our clients.  Learn how you can become an investment partner and contact us today!

- Alaina Rupe & Aaron Brandley
join our mastermind group of brain- storming geniuses  
Let our experienced professionals heal your business
use your resources to bless the lives of those around you
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